Monday, June 02, 2008

What a surprise, Angelina Jolie hasn't given birth yet at all. Why, it was just an inflated rumour! People and MSNBC are reporting that previous rumours were untrue and that the Twins of the Covenant are still inside Angelina Jolie will be born later in the summer. Yep. They’re in her. Not out yet.

But then, that’s something to look forward to, isn’t it?

That’s something charming for us to look forward to.

Mind you, the fact that the opposite was reported last week to the extent that names were being thrown about despite the fact that the twins weren’t even born yet and I think that is a clear indication that we as a society are getting greedy for our muses. We’re demanding the deliverance of purity and muse like inspiration before the embodiment of it is even fully developed. We need to check ourselves.

Thos children will be born when they are ready to bless the earth with their presence. And when they do, boy, will it be an interesting period of time. I have a feeling that Heraldic Beasts are not entirely out of the question. [source]

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