Thursday, June 19, 2008

Page Six is reporting that Cynthia Nixon just got breast implants. They report it and don’t cite a source at all and then include the fact that Nixon’s rep denies it – which they always do but what exactly is this based on then? Page Six is saying that she was possibly unhappy with the nude scene she did in the film. I wouldn’t be as concerned with the nude scene as much as I would be concerned about the film in general. It really was a completely dreadful film.

It surprises me that Cynthia Nixon would get surge though. People like her don't get surgery as much. They just fall back on their talent. She’s more or less the only one of the four from Sex and the City who is an actual actress. She’s a really good actress with actual talent. I’m just not sure I buy this. I’m also not sure I care that much. There’s something about Cynthia Nixon that impresses me though.

Yeah, that’s about there is to this post. Cynthia Nixon, breasts implants, talent. She was great in Amadeus. I didn’t realize Christine Ebersole was also in that until the other day. Oh, Jesus, I just need to stop. [source]

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