Monday, June 23, 2008

I KNEW Cynthia Nixon wouldn’t get freaked out and have breast implants installed. I KNEW IT! She didn’t, by the way. The Daily News is reporting that actually she was at the hospital to have her three monthly check-up after she beat breast cancer. Here’s what she said:

"I was at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital for my 'three-monthly' checkup," said Nixon, a breast-cancer survivor. "I was in the Oncology Department. I guess they think that means 'plastic surgery.'"

"We got a call from [the Post] asking if I'd had breast augmentation, and my publicist laughed at them and said, 'No, of course not.' But they printed it anyway. If I was going to get a boob job, wouldn't it make sense that I'd get it before 'Sex and the City'?"

And, of course, there’s no mention of this response in the Post because that would mean they look ridiculous. Which they did then and do now. I always knew that she wouldn’t have had breast implants. I genuinely think that if you have enough talent to fall back on you don’t go in for a whole lot of surge. Meryl Streep said she realized that if she was going to be a great actress she would have to give up any remnant of vanity or she’d be blocking herself.

With a girlfriend like hers, it really seems like Cynthia Nixon has, in fact, given up a lot of vanity. FAR more vanity than would be required to make the decision to get silicone shoveled into her chest. Good old glamorous Cynthia Nixon. What a trooper. I loved her in Amadeus in case I hadn’t mentioned that. She was engaging and it was a heartfelt performance.

I was watching her on Graham Norton the other day and while she was nowhere near as funny as the other guy he was interviewing, she held her ground and she talked about how they filmed Amadeus in Prague.

I loved Mozart for years after seeing that film. I liked his music but it was mainly the idea of how he was a child prodigy. Then I grew up a bit and got sick of the repetitive nature of his music. It’s charming but often a bit backgroundy. I’m actually really living for Ladytron today. I’m sure there’s a linear narrative between Mozart and Ladytron.

In short, Cynthia Nixon didn’t get breast implants and I always knew. [source]

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fiona peel said...

you were right, the post was wrong.
you get to sing the "i was right song"

you are such a knower of things!