Wednesday, June 11, 2008

TMZ reports that Billy Ray Cyrus went on KIIS fm with Ryan Seacrest and dragged out the old Annie Leibovitz is a bully topic AGAIN and I’m already so damned tired of it. God, I’m tired of Billy Ray Cyrus. I was tired of him WITH a mullet, I’m tired of him now that he has his “we need to update your image” haircut.

Of course, the thing about this is that clearly someone has ascertained that the multi-million dollar industry that is Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus has been damaged by the press surrounding her Vanity Fair shoot and so they’re still in damage control.

The fact that Annie Leibovitz has said basically nothing about it the entire time essentially confirms to me the Cyrus camp are just milking this for all it’s worth publicity wise and they’re also the cheap, crap party in this. Leibovitz doesn’t have to apologize, she’s above the needy celebrity squabble.

The entire story surrounding how the photos were taken at all is completely unclear as well. The Cyrus camp maintains that there was always an adult with Miley when she was being photographed and yet Annie Leibovitz apparently bullied her into posing that way. It just all reeks of nervous, greedy scapegoating. Stupid ass Cyrus people. They should be grateful anyone would want to photograph their tired assed flash in the pan asses at all. [source]

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