Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Madonna and Guy Ritchie really ARE getting divorced and Madonna has hired the lawyer who handled the Paul McCartney divorce so someone is going to be filleted and that someone will probably not be Madonna. She’s the client after all. And business theory suggests that filleting your own client is not conducive to positive client relations.

Also, though, rumours abound that there was no pre-nup. While that rumour is a valiant effort, it’s the most ill-conceived fake rumour I’ve ever heard. Yes, totally. Madonna got married with no pre-nup. Here we have a woman who has made a few cultural mistakes but has never once put a foot wrong in public and has managed to make a business out of commodifying herself better than any woman in the past 100 years. Yeah, totally, she didn’t think to get a pre-nup.

That aside, ok, so they’re getting a divorce which means that essentially, Guy Ritchie is now Milhouse van Houton’s father but in real life. He’ll be living in a cheap hotel for single men any day now. Rocco will look up at his father and say, “Why is life so difficult now, Daddy? Why did you upset the Chief Executive Mother?”

Best quote ever from Holy Moly who reported this though:

Having said that, Madonna is theoretically entitled to half of Guy's fortune too – which at least means she'll be able to continue making money out of Snatch. Pleasure.

God that’s good. I mean, really. It’s champagne. [source]

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