Monday, June 16, 2008

While it’s always a life altering delight to read his name in print, I’m never certain why Lance Bass is THAT viable as a press topic. The New York Post has reported that Bass’ exs, Brazilian model Pedro Andrade and hairdresser Ben Thigpen have hooked up. Well, goodness me! I’m barely interested in this story because I think that Lance Bass, while good natured and sweet, isn’t that interesting but I will say this; the fact that there’s a gossip item about two virtually unknown people having hooked up because they dated Lance Bass means that it’s a pretty sad and slow day in the world of gossip.

Also, I sort of think that this story is a metaphor for the kind of cultural impact Lance Bass has. He exists and then somehow something happens next to him and the combination of that event and the recollection of his proximity to Justin Timberlake means it makes the news.

I went to Vienna with Lance Bass last year and it really struck me how uninteresting he actually is. I met Pedro before they met and Pedro was really unchallenging as well. He also works behind a bar, he’s not necessarily a model all the time. When I realized how bland Bass is I figured they might be a perfect match.

To Lance’s credit, he did reveal that he has quite nice thighs at the Bravo Awards with Kathy Griffin which was at first surprising but then sort of not because I quickly realized that he probably has great thighs because he has to supplement his personality with something marketable.

Poor Lance Bass. He’s just not that interesting. Lucky he’s worth millions. [source]

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