Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Times in the UK is reporting that Madonna has engaged the services of Fiona Shackleton, the divorce lawyer who handled Sir Paul McCartney’s divorce from Old Peg Leg. Of course, nothing is confirmed regarding Madonna’s divorce because she’s going to remain in control until it suits her but the one thing they’re speculating about is whether or not she had a pre-nup.

Even if we don’t have any idea for sure and have not confirmation from Madonna, who on earth would think that she wouldn’t have had an iron clad pre-nup set up? Madonna’s main skill is outsourcing talent and controlling it. I mean, that’s all she really does. The woman keeps her personality under wraps like it’s locked in a safe, why would her money be any different.

Totally ridiculous.

The only thing that could fuck Madonna is if she actually takes religion seriously. That could have meant she made herself unnaturally subservient to her husband and that could screw her. I don’t believe she would do that though. She’s her own God.

Poor Guy Ritchie. He’s going to end up …well, actually maybe he’ll get his balls back and actually do something that isn’t completely pointless. [source]

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