Monday, June 09, 2008

Page Six reports that despite the rumours that Mel Gibson is box office poison and no studio will distribute his latest film Edge of Darkness since he got drunk and let out his inner Hitler a while ago, the producer of Edge of Darkness is claiming that the film is actually doing well and that he sold it in Israel.

So, the main point here is that it’s possible that everyone has forgiven Gibson for being anti-semitic and rancid. I mean, we all know he’s generally rancid anyway considering that if he’s not making massive, hideously violent vanity epics that are used as Christian propaganda, he’s a homophobic ass face and an alpha male douche alcoholic. That aside, perhaps the inner states have forgiven him anyway.

I wondered what he was up to when he was publicly going out to dinner with Britney Spears. It was such an incongruous cultural merging that there had to be considered demographics involved. Mind you, they’re both Christian Republicans so maybe they just stick together. I think I wrote about that a little while ago and I’m guess I wrote about how it really must be a fabulous party when the Hollywood Republican actors get together. What a riot. Incontinence pants, rare beef, cans of domestic beer, sensible shoes, confederate flag napkins, self loathing, Kid Rock. What an event those bitches throw!

Now, I’m really thinking that Gibson’s taking care of Spears by talking with her in restaurants and then taking her and her father away to the Bahamas was part of a public cleansing ritual. Britney Spears is the only pop princess the public will really stick by I think. I think all her rivals have been too openly conniving and ambitious and all her opposites are too fake. I mean, as if anyone would extend a hand to Avril Lavigne if she overdosed. God, just thinking about the idea of Avril Lavigne overdosing is so completely ludicrous anyway. What a joke. Overdose on diet soda or gum to the extent that it had a laxative effect, sure but nothing else.

I think the public are genuinely on Britney’s side despite how the media portray her because her initial image she had was one of innocence. I mean, innocence heavily marinated in good old denial laced insistent American sexuality as well but it was generally considered innocence and so America has a soft spot for her. When she divorced the K-Fed the audience on The View erupted into cheers.

Gibson’s alignment with and nurturing of Spears might make him seem like a caring fatherly figure and that’s probably what he needed to spruce up his image. I just love that he only reached out to one of his own kind though. When he met with the Jews it was damage control. Now that he’s able to choose, he picks the ambitious child whore who was always a Christian virgin. God Gibson is predictable. [source]

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