Friday, June 13, 2008

Page Six reports that Naomi Campbell was the bridesmaid at a wedding last Friday when a close friend got married. She apparently even gave a speech which was hilarious and gosh, isn’t she just a lovely and normal woman.

Is this the best her publicist can do to soften her public image as a beautiful yet violent gorgon? Plus, the part that really amazed me and that still has me stumped is the part that suggested quite clearly that the woman who got married was a CLOSE FRIEND of Naomi Campbell. I mean, WHOA! Slow DOWN Einstein. Naomi Campbell has actual friends?

How does THAT work?

Actually, I’m sure she’s lovely when people aren’t constantly and unreasonably trying to ruin her life by selfishly expect her to follow the basic, exhausting procedures of first class air travel. Yes, she’s probably a riot and I bet she makes a mean three layer dip. She even makes it the day before if you give her enough notice. When you do that the flavours seep out more. I’m not a fan of beans but I do like the top two layers. That’s right. I’m the guy at the party who wrecks the dip. I just don’t understand the appeal of legumes. [source]

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