Friday, June 06, 2008

Christina Crawford, Joan Crawford’s daughter, is back in the news with a 30th anniversary edition of Mommie Dearest and she’s saying she has new proof that everything she wrote in the book the film was based on was true. Page Six reports:

Christina, 68, tells London's Guardian: "If she walked in the door now, I'd tell her she's not welcome and could she please leave. Because that's what I couldn't do as a child."

So, what we’re being told is that essentially, this is exactly what happened to her:

Quality moments. Quality joyous moments. Who cares if it's real or not. Oh God, I just love that film. It’s so rewarding and somewhat fun. Ordinarily, I hate it when tired old celebrities drag out the same old crap year after year trying to stay relevant but when it comes to the quality work of Christina Crawford, you just drag out whatever the hell you want, kid. There’s a whole chunk of people who are never going to let you be forgotten. [source]

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