Thursday, June 12, 2008

Page Six reports that Amy Winehouse is about to be paid 2 million dollars to perform in Russia for Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. All she has to do is stay essentially coherent, get on a plane, get there, sing a couple of quality numbers and then bow. After that, she can easily retire. Watch her fuck it up.

Actually, I have this sneaking suspicion that Winehouse may be like Courtney Love in this respect. I have this sneaking suspicion that she pulls it all together when she absolutely has to. Like, when no cameras are around as will probably be the case with thiss private gig. Nina Hagen is like that. She acts like this ethereal self absorbed muse but if it gets difficult, she pulls it together. I just remember when Courtney Love was asked to present at the Academy Awards and she glided out from backstage in a light pink silk gown, her face fresh and full, her smile and eyes clear of intoxicants. I was pretty unimpressed.

The thing about Winehouse is that she must be completely loaded but she never looks it. Where on earth does all her money go? I suspect it’s either spent by moochers she doesn’t notice or it’s all just sitting there in the bank. If it is sitting there in the bank my suggestion would be that she perhaps lend some to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt so they can finish decorating the house they just bought. I refuse to believe they can completely afford what they’re buying. It’s ludicrous.

Actually the other day at the gym I thought that maybe if they used it as a tax write off and based their business in the 60 million dollar mansion they leased it might end up being a better deal than if they bought it. That was an option I came up with.

In short, maybe Mr Abramovich is a glutton for punishment or maybe he likes a challenge. He probably does. [source]

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