Thursday, June 26, 2008

Standing still has been the best career move Kevin Federline has made. In Touch Weekly is reporting that K-Fed is about to be paid around a million dollars to be the face of Christopher Brian Collection which I’m assuming is a fashion line.

The Fed-ex was famous first for marrying Britney Spears, then he was famous for being a moocher and a slacker and now he’s famous for essentially standing still and being quiet. Aggressively not doing anything is what he does best.

I’d say that the first and third things are proving to have been the most lucrative for him. I mean, he got kids and therefore cash for life from Britney for child support. THEN, and this was his best move ever, he just stopped going out and doing anything and as Britney had a public meltdown, by default he won credibility by standing still.

He should stand still and not do things more often. He’s potentially getting this deal, there are mentions of his “music” career and “film” career – which has got to just be his publicist’s way of hyping him up for potential roles even though there are none – and a little while ago he won a completely pointless award for being a great father from a Las Vegas Nightclub.

That still baffles me. It’s like giving Naomi Campbell a humanitarian award. Or Dina Lohan a “Good Mother” award. In fact, it’s virtually identical to the Dina Lohan thing. Incidentally, where's K-Fed's rat head brother? Haven't heard from him in a long time. Maybe he's in prison. Sure, that'll do.

Anyway, K-Fed needs to keep up this silence so he can cash in. Paradoxically, his actual talent level is so abysmal, that if he actually takes up these work offers he has been granted for not doing anything he’ll render himself unemployable. Isn’t that funny? Isn’t it funny how things work? [source]

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