Thursday, June 12, 2008

Page Six reports that Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone has been writing a tell-all book about Madonna and 350,000 copies are planned for release. Madonna and her brother apparently haven’t been talking for a while – I heard it was because he refused to get involved with Kabbalah – but he was apparently there for what a source has described as “the messy years”. Oh well, Christopher Ciccone has only a limited time left on this planet now, I guess. He won’t survive this. No one could. The image above is of Christopher Ciccone. I guess that's Madonna under the jacket.

Actually, I think MAYBE Anna Wintour or Meryl Streep might be able to go up against Madonna and be a formidable opponent. I’m not completely sure but I suspect they could. Or Mia Farrow but she’d use alternate and unexpected weapons of assault. Her advantage would be that’s she’s quite small and could duck around and quickly run between Madonna’s legs and make her fall over. Mia Farrow is a pretty intense and lively, wiry woman.

The thing about this is that if the book makes it out then Madonna’s cover will be blown and the entire thing will be blown open. Madonna’s entire career has been a genius collection of smoke and mirrors and media technique. She’s a fascinating woman but she isn’t who she tells everyone she is. As a result she’ll start to loose her power even moreso that after she released Hard Candy. What a difficult album that is.

And the thing is, Madonna almost got through to retirement without ever having a public meltdown or freak out or drunken mess explosion. She almost did it all without a real mistake. Now, she and Dan Rather might have something more in common than they previously thought. Christopher Ciccone will die for this, certainly, but it’ll sure wound Madonna. This will be like a pop cultural apocalypse. Am I being melodramatic? Come on…this is hilarious. [source]

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