Friday, June 20, 2008

The Sun is reporting that Naomi Campbell is actually pleading guilty to kicking and spitting at police officers on board a British Airways flight earlier this year after it had been revealed that her luggage had been delayed.

She was in court today as her trial began and she could face 6 months prison and or 5000 pound fines for each offense. I find it interesting that she’s actually pleading guilty. If she spends time in jail she could really end up with a completely new marketability and that could be a good thing too because at 38 her career as a model may be waning.

With a little jail time under her belt and a reputation for being a complete gorgon, she could go into burlesque and do some dominatrix work on the side. Girlfriend could clean up that way.

The truth is, I just don’t get why she’s so great. She’s a viciously mean, spoilt clothes horse. I figure she’ll either get let off because the jury will be so amazed by her celebrity but that’s unlikely because she’s in an English court and suburban English people will probably delight in her downfall because that’s what happens in Commonwealth countries – there’s a strong undercurrent of delight in the falling of others. OR, she’ll get jail time and it’ll be a little like the Paris Hilton trial except less hype because god, who cares. Not me.

Give her the chair. [source]

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