Monday, June 16, 2008

So, just like Britney, apparently doing absolutely nothing at all warrants an award for Kevin Federline simply because by comparison to what happens when they do something, doing nothing is an heroic act.

US Magazine reports that K-Fed has been named Father of the Year by club Prive in Las Vegas – no doubt a coveted award because every father that steps into the place is clearly on a high impact campaign to win that award as well.

Only last night as I sat in the cinema watching the travesty that is The Happening as I ate jell-o and whipped cream that I took into the cinema from the outside (that’s right, FUCK YOU overpriced cinema snack bar), I kept myself busy by wondering what had happened to K-Fed. It seemed like he’d really taken his lawyer’s advice which was obviously to stay out of sight while Britney was having her public meltdown so that she dug her own grave thus maximizing his chances of winning more money in the custody battle but he’s really been gone too long.

It’s for that reason that I’m glad he won this wonderful, completely legitimate award pertaining to fatherhood from a freaking nightclub. It has brought him back into the public eye. Now all we need is another sparkling, extremely engaging single from Mr Federline and everything will be completely back on track. Britney is up for an Emmy nomination for her non-vomiting role on “How I Met Your Mother” and by that token, there’s really no reason why he shouldn’t be considered for this award, a career in music and perhaps even a Papal knighthood.

Bless everything and everyone who made this award possible. [source]

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DNY said...

Was it Diet Cool Whip? Because that would be tragic if you have a vagina.