Friday, June 20, 2008

Page six is reporting that Tinsley Mortimer is completely pointless and now it’s been proven. They shot a reality show about her life but, according to another illusive insider said:

“She looked good but she just got dressed and went to parties every day and didn't have anything interesting to say. It was incredibly boring. The project is dead."

Of course, if MTV had listened to me over a god damned year ago they would have realized that and not bothered invested the money or time in Manhattan’s uptight small time answer to Paris Hilton. Let’s try this again: Tinsley Mortimer is a pointless, innocuous, self absorbed, money and status obsessed sycophant. I interviewed her after a few glasses of wine in Vienna last year and she is a conservative republican who relies on liberal gays for her social life and status but would vote against them in a heartbeat to save her husband’s fortune. Plus, she’s a tight ass, spoilt, talentless idiot.

The thing about her is that if she was unhinged and filthy like, say, Courtney Love is then she might be mildly more plausible but she simply isn’t. She’s not more plausible. She is implausible. Implausible. MTV figured it out, why can’t everyone else? I knew it ages ago. MTV should hire me to judge their potential reality TV characters. I am really good at that. I would save them money and time. I’m an efficient time and money saver – a lot of people think so. Sadly, MTV chose to ignore me and now they are paying the price.

If some good came out of this though, it’s that Tinsley Mortimer is one step closer to being unmarketable. [source]

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