Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh Look! Billy Ray Cyrus went in The Today Show and is still talking about the Annie Leibovitz shoot and this round of needless damage control now involves the troops. Excellent! When in doubt and you need to boost public opinion, just invoke the troops! They’re untouchable and once you align with them, you’ll be untouchable too! Hooray!

Plus, lets face facts, the Vanity Fair shoot is all anyone can think about a good month after it happened so it’s great that he’s there to relentlessly explain the extent to which it’s not his fault that his daughter was photographed in a position which infers sexuality despite the fact that she’s under aged. It’s a good thing. I love that he is there to clear it up because I definitely can’t sleep over it at this point. I mean, the fact that no one can get their story straight about which adult was there and the fact that it’s so completely not a huge deal because it was for Vanity Fair not “Completely Illegal Teenaged Whores Magazine” and that the shots were taken by Annie Leibovitz and not some sweating obese Arabic man who works part time as a cab driver in New York City and shakes back and forth when he takes the photos doesn’t make any difference. There’s a problem and Billy Ray and his personality defining hair are there to clear everything up.

And clear it up he has. After all, he was off to entertain the troops. The Troops! Terrorism! Fear! Aging! Obscurity! Attention Seeking! Child Abuse! Lesbian Photographer! The War! The Troops! It’s all there – thanks to Billy Ray Cyrus. Excellent work, sir. You are the embodiment of America and it wasn't your fault. Now go out there and get paid. [source]