Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Look, say what you want about how Mariah Carey has made a comeback from her unpleasant breakdown and ice cream vending moment, the fact that she’s married a smokin’ hot gold digging actor and the fact that she’s taken her body back to her eleventh grade weight – bitch looks tired in these photos.

Her body is freaking exhausted and probably mad at her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she sometimes shits herself because of the incongruous, forcible relationship she has with her body; constantly and fearfully living on the caloric value on one slab of pritikin bread and a half a glass of water a day – she’s on target but falling apart.

Her stomach is slim in the above shot but it looks like a more mainstream pop music version of Courtney Love’s post starvation diet body. God, how hideous everything is.

I saw Mimi the other week as she arrived at the Empire State Building and she looked alright. Her muscle and fat hadn’t gone into crisis mode and there was enough foundation on her head and dark sunglasses kept her looking fresh. Plus, never under estimate the power of ego validation en masse. When you have a huge crowd screaming for your attention and you happen to be a maddeningly insecure diva, it’ll probably perk you up and that’ll show on your visage.

Not in these photos though. Nope, Mimi is falling apart and needs to start to take a multivitamin tablet each day and she also should try Kombucha Tea. I drink it all the time and let me say, it is the Elixir of Life! Life is evacuating her body. She needs something. Maybe she should just get some of that lavender fluid Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn drink in Death Becomes Her. There’s a simple solution. No more living on air and dust and 6 hours cardio a day.

Ok – enough. [source]

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Chuck said...

Do you know DJ Lina? The resemblance is uncanny.