Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Page Six reports that the guest list to Tom Cruise’s “housewarming” party read like a list of people he needed to apologise to: Steven Spielberg, Sumner Redstone, Oprah Winfrey etc. and that all plays into the same basic idea that I had about his recent completely transparent “25 years of Tom Cruise” PR kick including the launch of his website. That reeked of bullshit and so does this “housewarming” party apparently.

It’s reassuring that Tom Cruise has managed to realize that his image has been all but pulverized by his insane delusional cult-member antics and I’m personally just loving the way he’s trying to fix everything by acting like it’s all about something else. It’s so completely flawless and undetectable. I mean, 25 years since Risky Business (but with no mention of the films he did before that), a website showcasing all his work except for the one the middle aged women of America hated, “Interview with a Vampire” and now a soiree at his home for everyone he’s insulted, played or just plain annoyed and freaked out.

Well, not quite everyone. I’m still sitting here waiting for him to freaking e mail me and apologise for destroying my teenaged infatuation with him by being a totally freakish weirdo robot cult leader. I mean, everything was fine – I was going to go to LA or something and meet him and have some kind of torrid affair and then, bang, he was a douchebag. So, now I’m going to sit here and wait. I’m going to wait for him to fix this mess he’s left.

Oh, Jesus, Willy Loman in the office next to me here is walking around asking dumb questions about nothing again and he’s cranking up the lite jazz. I thought we were past this. I really did. Damn it. Months of stern refusal to interact with him when he is a douche have come to nothing. Back to beating back mediocrity with a stick again. [source]

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