Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Page Six reports that Naomi Campbell was meant to walk in the Rosa Cha swimsuit show in Sao Paolo last weekend but due to the “legal unpleasantness” she is currently embroiled in, she was unable to get there in time. In case you don’t already know, she’s been sentenced to several hundred hours community service and a fine of about 5000 pounds. It’s not exactly 5000, it’s something like 4895. Just to make it a little annoying. Yes, that’s the only reason why.

SO – seeing as Campbell couldn’t make it they got Brazillian male supermodel, Rodrigo Rothen to go out on the catwalk and then later in the show he stripped naked and showered on stage. This is Rodrigo Rothen:

The Post reports that and then the write: “much to the horror of the aghast socialites in the audience.”

I’m sorry, what? An aging, mean spirited, gorgon model is swapped out for a stunning young male model who showers naked on stage and people are aghast and horrified? Lies. Utter lies.
Firstly, what are they, dead on the inside? If this happened in New York then maybe I’d buy it but even then, I’m not sure. What South American socialite would be horrified and aghast at the sight of a nude male model body? What SANE person would be? I mean, religious folk, insecure straight men and humourless lesbians would be but who cares about them?

God, this is ridiculous. This story is all about cultural success. Naomi Campbell is trapped in a suburban court in England and can’t leave. A Brazilian male model goes naked on stage. I just honestly can’t come up with anything else to say. If you don’t get it by now there’s something inherently wrong with you.


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