Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Even though she designed the gown Carrie wore to her non-wedding in the Sex and the City Movie, Vivienne Westwood has come out and said that she found the movie’s fashion styling quite uninspiring and dull. Wait, I shouldn’t paraphrase the woman who styled the punk movement. She’s the only designer who, when she speaks, I don’t go into a coma so I’ll let her pearls of spiked wisdom speak for themselves.

"I thought 'Sex and the City' was supposed to be about cutting-edge fashion and there was nothing remotely memorable or interesting about what I saw.
"I went to the premiere and left after 10 minutes."

I actually had the same inclination when I saw Sex and the City but we didn't leave because it was actually fun to yell "You're NOT HER!" at all the suburban slabs of tuna who paraded in to the cinema at midnight on a Thursday with their ridiculously over styled hair, short dresses and stiletto heels. When I say tuna I mean women AND gay men. Let's not pretend it was just the women.

But you know, sure Vivienne Westwood looks just like the Emperor from the Empire Strikes Back or some strange uber-dalek from Dr Who with the minor addition of the yellow hair, white face and oddly dark lipstick but I really do agree with her. I would even go so far as to suggest that she speaks, as she has historically been wont to do, for an entire generation of people.

The movie was shockingly sub-standard – except for that one nude scene involving that guy who showered outside and Cynthia Nixon in general. Wait – I’ve been through this before, twice.

To be fair, I wouldn’t know if the fashion was cutting edge or not because I gave up trying to understand fashion years ago. It’s the most ridiculously inane form of expression despite the fact that decorating the human body makes so much sense if you want to say something about yourself to other people through symbols. Most of the reason I don’t like to hang out with fashion people is that they’re predictably shallow and think that by reveling in their shallowness they make themselves look powerful, they’re usually exhaustively self absorbed and usually they do that thing where you talk to them and they’re looking around the room incessantly so they can see if there’s anyone more important to talk to. God, it’s insufferable. And they’re usually not that articulate or intelligent anyway. Most of what they have to say is mindless, fad driven fluff because when you get down to it, they’re surface dwelling show ponies.

I think Vivienne Westwood has a bit going on though.

I’ll leave the fashion comments to Vivienne Westwood. When I saw her in Vienna last year she really is just like Elaine Stritch in that she’s old enough to say what she thinks with brutal honesty and not sugar coat it. I enjoy that in an old broad. Hell, I just enjoy the old broads.

Here’s Vivienne Westwood at Sao Paolo Fashion Week this year


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