Thursday, June 19, 2008

The blog ‘In Case You Didn’t Know” is reporting that uber-emo Pete Wentz will be appearing in “Californication” with David Duchovny. They write:

“Duchovny’s character, the troubled writer Hank, will see Pete at a pool party hanging out with the show’s resident teen, Mia. Pete will tell Hank how much he enjoyed his book.”

If that’s it, why watch the freaking show? They gave us all we needed to know. I never got into that show anyway – there are too many other quality shows to commit to and I’m already so damn tired.

Well, hang on. If Pete is sitting by a pool then it seems like the potential for him to be shirtless (and maybe even pantless) is higher than if he, say, did a guest spot on Seventh Heaven. Oh, actually probably not. Wait, is Seventh Heaven around? If ever there was a show that embodied the hypocrisy of American culture it’s Seventh Heaven. So, Pete could be by a pool and shirtless and that’s fine by me.

But the thing about this is, when it comes to actors singing it’s rarely a good idea and the fact that they often do that is a sign of crippling unbridled ego and an army of enabling yes-men. When it’s the other way round it’s not AS bad. Bon Jovi wasn’t so bad in Sex and the City and also – even though she’s not a singer, Mary Kate Olsen wasn’t bad in Weeds. Actually she was pretty good.

If Pete can push down the inner douche and get his flat ironed hair to stay put then he might just be ok. I would love to see him doing exaggerated actions to every word he says. The director kept trying to tone Pete’s ridiculous acting down but Pete only heard what he wanted to hear which was, “You’re a totally amazing actor and everything you shit is art…keep going”. Sort of like Chris Martin. I'm pretty sure that at some point Chris Martin has tried to feed his own shit to his and Gwyneth's child but the maid stopped him. She beat him away with a chair leg and he quickly scurried away to another room. He really thought that was the way to pass on his genius to Apple. That maid was a trooper but she was probably fired.

So, just to recap, Pete Wentz might be shirtless on an episode of Californication. Naked even. No, that’s just going too far. [source]

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