Friday, May 30, 2008

Angelia Jolie MAY have already given birth to her Twins of the Covenant, OK! Magazine is reporting but it hasn’t been confirmed just yet. That doesn’t matter though. We just need to prepare ye the way for them. They’re definitely coming sometime soon, that we know for sure. I mean, they’re either inside her womb or they’re outside. They’re somewhere…that we know and indeed, that is all we need to know. For they are promised to us and they will be delivered.

What’s great about this is that for OK! It doesn’t matter if the twins have been born yet or not. They can report it now, cash in on the cultural hysteria and massed wailing and international festivities surrounding any news of the genetic continuation of the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie partnership and even if they’re wrong or lying – they make money now, people will forget in a month and then, when it really happens, they’ll totally be able to report it properly. Hopefully they’ll do something similar to what happened when Shiloh Pitt was born and they can claim that the twins are the “World’s Sexiest Twins”. For a little while Shiloh Pitt was called the “World’s Sexiest Baby” and gosh, there’s little doubt in my mind that that mantle was alarmingly ill-conceived at best.

Reporting that the twins are out just forms part of the wonderful reality of running a schlock American celebrity magazine. You can just make it up as you go along. I mean, Pete Wentz an Ashlee Simpson for Christ’s sake. [source]

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