Friday, May 09, 2008

Kim Kardashian, the dead on the inside C-list narcissist whore who is famous for having a sex tape and a fat ass, has just made a high production value Public Service Announcement about the recent cyclone in Burma and it’s honestly got to be seen to be believed.

For a start, to make sure Kim felt it was worth her time it’s set at the family store with the first shot being of the sign on the outside and then of all the wonderfully over priced crap you can buy inside and then it finally cuts to Kim who, with the speaking skill of a retarded yak, recites her lines about Aung San Suu Kyi being in prison despite winning the presidential election over 10 years ago. The whole time quirky cartoon music plays in the background and Kardashian tries on a freaking dress that, say it with me…shows off her ass.

Plus, all the girls in the film have that self absorbed, dumb skank west coast accent where they say “like” in between each word which, when you listen to it, is like having your brain bludgeoned with a mallet made of tired ass stupid entitled whore. Wow, that barely made sense. I’m just so astonished and disgusted, I can’t contain my sickened rage.

Someone, somewhere gave this film the green light and whoever did that, and I’m talking about someone who isn’t in the Kardashian family, needs to be fucking beaten and fired and then laughed at.

What’s good about it is that a huge amount of people came down on her like a ton of bricks in the comments section of her blog. There were still some amazing, oblivious comments like this one:

May 8, 2008 10:51 PMloves it! says:
kourtney is soo cute i love her!!!!! i always wanted know where she got her navy blue wedges at. matter of fact i love her whole outfit on the "kims a diva" episode when she goes to talk to scott. im soo random lol!

OMG – like, I’m a dumb ass whore too and you’re my fricking idol? Like, wow? I, like, am the life of the party after I have a few drinks? Like, when I want something I get it like that? Everyone knows not to, like, mess with me when I’m, like, mad? Like, I also couldn’t quite fit enough about ME in this so I, like made sure everyone knows know that I think I’m so random? Like, LOL? OMG, like, everyone at the retail outlet I work at in a strip mall in San Diego will think I’m, like, a superstar when they see my comment? Like, all we talk about all day is our idol Kim? Huh…like, wow?

All I want is for people who talk like that to be lascerated heavily. God, I’m so astonished at this I need a drink and I’ve stopped drinking mid week. This is as mindless and fucking self absorbed as any rancid assed Fabian Basabe/Paris Hilton charity dinner for something they have no interest in. The situation in Burma is an ongoing, relentlessly astonishing abuse of human civil rights that defies rational thought. Fuck this. Fuck you Ryan Seacrest. See the film here==> [source]

Further information on how fucked the situation in Burma is, including the aftermath of the cyclone is here
The film I worked on and co-wrote with ethnographer Lea Rekow about her secret trip to Burma can be read about here (the original site is down)
Information on ways to assist the Burmese people can be found here and here

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evanonearth said...

Matthew Phillp, zen master of the, like, antipanegyric. OMFG!