Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Here’s the music video for Mariah Carey’s new video. I don’t know what the hell people get out of her. I mean, I know she has a tremendous register and everything but this song is completely thin and nothing. It’s like air. Mind you, people like air so who knows. I prefer nitrous oxide myself so, I guess it’s each to their own. This music video features her and her new husband Nick Cannon.

The thing about this is that it reminds me in a really soul shakingly violent way of the video clip Dannii Minogue did with Julian McMahon when they got married like 12 years ago which featured the two of them frolicking on the beach being all smug and amazingly delusional about their relationship, setting themselves up for failure by concreting a cultural artifact with images of them together. It remains as deliciously horrifying and dreadful today as it was during that first viewing.

Although, it should be said that actually, Mimi did have a pre-nup when she got married so maybe she’s still got something ticking upstairs. Actually, no, because of this music video she’s back to zero. It was like Good Morning America performance: down, weight loss: up, marriage to gold digger: down, pre-nup prior to actually getting married: up – so basically we’re back where we started. Nowhere.

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