Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Page Six reports that Kirsten Davis, the actress who played Charlotte York on Sex and the City and the same basic character on Melrose Place is a recovering alcoholic who never drinks. They frame it around the fact that people buy her cosmopolitans all the time and she never drinks them.

Isn’t that interesting? I’m slightly fascinated because I always thought she was a tremendously limited actress who wasn’t that engaging and that’s not just because her character on Sex and the City was so loathsome. This new little bit of information makes her accessible and actually human. I mean, her work sure didn’t.

Charlotte York drunk would be really interesting. Everything would pour out in an ugly, unstructured manner. Her face would morph into a black hole with teeth and she’d salivate a lot. Like, pieces of mucusy saliva would fly out as she flailed about. Ok, I just watched Transformers, maybe some of that is playing out in my head. The flailing about bit anyway. Or maybe that’s Terminator. I vagued out half way through and just replaced what I missed with scenes from Terminator. Actually Terminator 2.

So, anyway, Kirsten Davis is a recovering alcoholic which means that, to me, she just got interesting. [source]

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Anonymous said...

Charlotte has been drunk on SATC. On a few episodes actually. Look for them, they're funny.