Wednesday, May 14, 2008

God, conservative commentators are predictable and annoying. Page Six is running celebrity responses to Barbara Walters’ book “Audition” and the fact that in it, she talks about having several affairs with either married men or several men at once – namely Senator Edward Brooke, Alan Greenspan and Alan Greenberg. The report suggests that Walters is really feeling the heat now. Whoa!

"Barbara Walters is a shameless media whore," says Marc Dice, spokesman for conservative media watchdog group The Resistance. "Barbara has now sunk to the very level of other attention-starved celebrities such as Paris Hilton or even Steve-O from 'Jackass.' "

And look, I mean, he has a point really. Because there’s no way in hell that calling Barbara Walters a shameless media whore makes you a shameless media whore at all. Barbara Walters, at this point, is completely untouchable. She’s admitted the affairs, she’s admitted weakness, she’s maintained a fundamental diva-esque grace her entire career and so now, anyone who lashes out at her is essentially dooming themselves.

But then, sometimes, doom is far more marketable than your own personality and alleged talent which I guess is clearly the case with old Shrink Wrapped Carcass Jones and now Marc Dice.

The lesson here is, don’t ever mess with a diva like Walters. She has this ability to eat you alive while still smiling, sparkling under those stage lights and filtered camera lenses, selling her book and keeping everyone too afraid of her to ever suggest that it might be time to retire. [source]

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