Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sam Ronson has said that she and Lindsay Lohan aren’t actually lovers, TMZ reports, despite all footage that says the opposite. Plus, TMZ also ran a poll that shows 89% of people THINK they are and isn’t that all that matters anyway? I don’t know. Maybe it doesn’t but I am having a hard time understanding how public opinion doesn’t translate to reality.

Anyway, so, even if they do make out in public, they still might not be an item. Lindsay Lohan is so completely demanding and needy that she might require that amount of attention before she can even leave the house to get say, milk or something. Lohan’s father seems to think it’s pretty obvious and he’s a freaky Christian so if even he isn’t in denial then it seems likely.

Plus, maybe Lohan is trying to rake it in after she’s let her life fall out all over the place and maybe Sam Ronson is being urged to kill the rumours. Sam Ronson can be a lesbian and still get work as a DJ. Lohan might have a hard time with it because I swear to God, I bet there are people in the flyover states who would cover their kids’ eyes from watching a Lohan movie or who would stop their kids from listening to her music if she were gay. Nothing else she’s done matters.

In short, Lohan might probably be a lesbian but her lover denies it. So, where are we now? I feel sort of tired.

I do enjoy the work of Wendy Ho though. I saw her last night at some homogenous gay bar and she is uniquely hilarious. Before that I went out to a party for Mao Magazine which was full of really high impact nightlife freaks, some of whom we convinced to snort pixie sticks by saying it was cocaine. There were women walking around dressed as burlesque artists giving out truckloads of candy like chocolate cigarettes and big lollipops. I was sort of just standing around on the fence about whether to try or to just bow out. Too many jittery people. Far too many. Hot but jittery and needy.

Just before this bows out: Lohan could be lesbian, might not be – that was the central point above.


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