Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yesterday TMZ reported that Pete Wentz and his wife Ashlee Simpson went out and he decided to wear a paper plate over his face that read:

“Your Ad Could Be Here…E Mail

And because it wasn’t as story that was inherently connected to images of Pete Wentz naked I essentially glossed over it. But now, with a day to let it sink in, I really think it’s a travesty that Wentz is sinking to the crapulent level of John Mayer style douchebag humour. Plus, what happened to his hair? His flatironed hair? What happened to it? God, there are so many questions I now have.

This is the kind of thing Mayer would do, you really have to admit it. He would walk out in public doing something clever like that and then he’d be completely delighted with himself because he’s so clever.

People who study for a bachelor’s degree in political science come up with stuff like this. It’s all gimmicky and clever and based on antics. ANTICS. Oh boy, am I sick of antics that are just clever art. Clever art sucks and that’s what this is. These are the jerky, jittery people who get all excited because they have a budget to put on a play at university and it becomes the biggest thing ever for them because finally they can show the world how funny and smart they are. Why on earth do I care about this?

The thing is, let’s also quickly note that is a porn site too so look what Wentz is doing. He’s forcing young children to look at porn. I had to look at it. I'm mildly offended and scarred now.

Ok, so the point here is, Pete Wentz is becoming a douchebag in the same way as Mothering John Mayer and I find that disappointing. He’s always been kind of messy/contrived but at least he didn’t completely suck. God, John Mayer sucks.


Brandy said...

I will have to say...I like John Mayer.

There it is. :)

But I also like your blog.

Do you mind if I link your blog to mine?

And I agree...the world is weird.

ArchNoble said...

The paper plate is a anonymizing "mask" that asks the viewer to sympathize with Wentz by allowing them to picture their own face as a stand-in. The text is a self-reflexive one-liner about the commodification of Wentz's public image; it all seems pretty accessible and straight-forward. It's hard to see any cleverness in it that doesn't come from a tortured over-analysis.

I enjoyed your wacky, different and clev— quirky take on Mayer and Wentz; it seems like you really get it.