Thursday, May 01, 2008

Former NBA star and professional narcissist Dennis Rodman was arrested last night on suspicion of felony domestic battery. Apparently, he went out and got drunk and ended up beating his girlfriend up to a certain extent.

He was released on bail at 4:16am this morning.

I have to admit, my initial reaction to this was that I found it hard to believe Rodman would risk getting into a fight and potentially having any of his piercings or just his general head torn slightly. But then it struck me that he’s probably just been starved for attention for such a long time and for someone who literally married himself in a wedding dress, that can be just like getting surgery with no anesthetic.

His girlfriend looks a lot like Janice Dickinson.

All that combined with a tank load of alcohol equaled physical abuse.

There’s really not a whole lot more to this.

I can’t smell ketchup too much right now but I do have to run downtown to look at security tapes from the bar in which my bag and computer and hard drive was stolen so it sort of doesn’t matter anyway. If I can get a picture of the person stealing my bag I’m going to go about systematically destroying them.

So, in short, Dennis Rodman beat up his girlfriend. Dennis Rodman therefore is a douchebag. [source]

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