Friday, May 02, 2008

I was convinced that Mariah Carey was actually more or less psychologically with it nowadays. I mean she’s burnt off the extra flab, come out with an album, she’s not mind splitting nuts and giving out ice cream on TV talking about how she doesn’t want to have a nervous breakdown or anything. Plus, when I saw her in person the other day she looked really in her element and as though she was at least sincerely enjoying the fact that she is slim again. Sincerely slim.

Oh but how wrong I was to assume that Mimooo was together.

Turns out she got married to Singer Nick Cannon and there was no pre-nup. They met a month ago.

Oh well.

People like Mariah Carey can’t marry regular people. She was married to Tommy Mottola which was the kind of union that will work for her. There really is no other union that would. She isn’t really human, she can’t BE human, she has to marry someone that relates to her massive diva ego. If something doesn’t relate to that, it’s out of her life. Just like Celine Dion really. She married her producer and now she’s fine. Inside she’s a churning chasm of ethereal emptiness but out here…and who cares about anything but the surface anyway…she’s got it all figured out. Mariah Carey has the same chasm - that's why she made such a ludicrous mistake.

So, Mimi, there’s a little mistake that, in about 6 weeks, will cost you 400 million bucks.

Suck it up. Then in ten years do a one woman show about your mistakes and your loves and losses. I’d see that but only if it wasn’t some corporate product so we have a long way to go. [source]

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