Friday, May 09, 2008

Maybe it’s because she sees a little part of herself in Miley Cyrus – and by “little” I mean “massively intrusive and visually prominent” and by “part” I mean “teeth” – maybe it’s just because she likes feeling as though people are actually listening to her. Who knows what is really going on inside that relentlessly smiling head but regardless, Marie Osmond is still sounding off about the Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photos that no one else seems to care much about anymore. She’s saying that Billy Ray Cyrus is to blame for the photo shoot Miley Cyrus did. Oh, wow, cool. She’s got an opinion and she’s picking a fight with Billy Ray Cyrus. How Rosie O’Donnell. Also, how cripplingly desperate and transparent.

God, Marie Osmond is trying. She’s one of those aging celebrities who just keep hammering it out because they remember when they really were famous and they want it all back. So, they do tragic revival concerts and play to audiences of only fat fat fat suburban housewives and then the do reality shows where they use publicity stunts like fainting on camera to stay relevant.

Marie Osmond is clinging to every tiny little freaking thing she can to stay in the game and I just want to slap her. This is why you didn’t need to have eight children, Marie. Kids are expensive. But, I really think Marie Osmond could have all the money in the world and she would still be out there whoring herself for attention as well. She needs it desperately to fill that void. That crippling, empty cavernous hole in her soul. Oh damn. [source]

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