Thursday, May 08, 2008

It’s pretty reassuring and also, let’s face it, thrilling that the Lohan parents are now back in the news what with the mother being given an award for simply being a mother who lives on Long Island by a gaggle/coven of chatty, bitchy suburban housewives whose dream it has always been to be quoted in OK! Magazine. In response to her honoring, Page Six reports that the father, Michael Lohan – sorry, the GODLY Michael Lohan, is outraged.

"Are you kidding! Top celebrity mom? Look at her off-screen antics, her lack of morals and how she conducts herself. I guess they forgot to mention how this top super-mom leaves her kids alone at night and even parties in their presence. Just wait until we go back to court.
"She comes stumbling out of Butter at 3:15 a.m. with bloodshot eyes and a red runny nose, yelling 'Oh, [bleep],' when she saw the paparazzi," Michael raged to Page Six.”

Which, as a quote, is basically just as bad as anything he’s talking about when it comes to her for the simple reason that he’s talking to the New York Post about his family.

Thankfully, the Mother has responded by saying:

"I've allowed him visitation once a week, so I don't understand why he's doing this. He's jealous that I got the award. He even called the organizers and tried to talk them out of giving it to me."

Which is good because it rounds out the story; each person got a dig in.

Dina Lohan later claimed that Michael Lohan was trying to “destroy her” which is reasonable because when you consider how she conducts herself it would seem like if anything goes wrong in her life it would have to be because of an outside source as she’s such a moral compass. Look, I don't know how this is going to turn out but fucking hell, I've cancelled pretty much everything so I can sit here and just focus on them. I've got to find out. GOT to.

The Lohans are great. They really are. They have that certain facet of star quality which is a total and unwavering belief that anything they do – even down to the tiniest minutiae – is of universal fascination to the rest of humanity. Which it is. [source]

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