Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The galactically fat pederast boy band producer, Lou Pearlman, who brought us such greats as Nsync, Aaron Carter and Ritchie Stringini, is finally going to jail for 25 years for swindling the hell out of a range of people and banks to the tune of 300 million dollars.

He had proposed that he be allowed to launch another boy band in Asia and the US (with the supervised use of internet and phone) so he could pay back a heap of the money and when you think about it, it seems like a good idea except for the fact that it’s entirely preposterous to allow a fraud the chance to pay back his debt by ostensibly conducting fraud again.

I find it astonishing that that’s how his mind works. He never stops thinking about how to stay in the game and keep churning up money. IT sounds almost like a serial killer or sociopath who has been taking into custody and who is in a silent room with one light and yet they persist, despite the fact that they’re at the end of the line, in rambling about how they’re not even going to swat a fly.

I read this entire article in Vanity Fair about Lou Pearlman on the plane coming back from Atlanta once and it was astonishing. At one point he was so fat he would sit on a couch and his stomach would hang down and touch the floor. Then at the end of the feature a housekeeper points up to the house Lou Pearlman lived in and says something like, “Keep away from there…bad things happen in there…”

Yes, bad thing. And FAT things too. Very very fat things. [source]

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fat and nasal.