Tuesday, May 06, 2008

There’s a really great and totally important story on the front page of The New York Post today about how some girl wore a ten thousand dollar fur coat to a party at 1 Oak, a douche bag bottle service club in Chelsea and it was stolen. Then a little while later she saw photos of Lindsay Lohan wearing the coat in a celebrity magazine and called the club and her lawyer and blah blah blah, is suing Lohan for ten thousand dollars for keeping the coat for three weeks.

Ok, so it’s mildly intruiging that Lohan just took a coat from a bar and then wore it in public, especially a freaking 10,000 dollar fur coat but this happened like 4 months ago and people do weird things when they’re drunk which Lohan probably was.

While the coat was returned, it did apparently reek of cigarettes and alcohol and had a slight tear in it meaning that maybe Lindsay Lohan used it to cleanse her face or under her arms so that’s a nice little bit of information. I’m pretty sure her under arms and face get caked in nicotine and liquor on a daily basis and she does seem to fail to exfoliate regularly. Not sure how I figured that out but why not?

I think what’s fascinating about this is that there’s some rancid, entitled fur coat wearing slab of tuna who is now suing Lohan for ten thousand dollars as a fee for the rental of her coat.

Plus, there are some great coat based quotes in the article too. This is my favourite:

A 1Oak rep confirmed that the club delivered Markova's fur coat back to her in February.
"I am not the coat keeper. I'm not sure where the coat was," said club spokeswoman Lisette Sand-Freedman.
All I can say is, WHY was the actual Coat Keeper not located and interviewed indepth for at least an hour? WHY? What the hell kind of journalism is this? AND - Thank GOD the Post gave this story the front page but, for the love of Jeebus, WHY did we have to wait this long for such crucial information to be reported in the mainstream press? This happened in January/February. It’s May. Come ON! Punishment will happen though. PETA will be on this any second now with a childish namecalling website and some soy cream pies. [source]

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