Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Oprah’s dragging out the A-list interviews at the moment (well, there have been two) and yesterday’s Barbara Walters interview was FAR FAR better than the schlock bullshit served up by Cruise Corp.

Here’s a clip:

For the most part, she had evenly placed stories throughout that seemed like honest reflections on various events in her life. There was the death of her sister, the affair with the senator which she seems to be treating as new information even though, as the New York Post reports today, it came out in 1990 in an unauthorized biography about her, and the information about her family.

The rundown of how the Star Jones obesity scandal occurred and she made the women on The View lie, it seemed like there was probably another side to the story even though Star did later admit to being a greedy celebrity mad freak and in the case of the Rosie O’Donnell split-screen issue it was hard core diplomacy. It’s so great how on an estrogen fest like The View where the women sit there and talk about how much they love to accept each other’s differences that someone like Barbara Walters can still maintain that she doesn’t hold a grudge, that she’s motivated by love etc. when it’s simply unfeasible that she has been able to maintain her status in media by anything other than carnivorous, bloodthirsty ambition. I’m actually more interested to know just how many people have been buried by her or her allies to make sure she stayed at the top this entire time.

One thing I did think was classy though was when she said she’s learned how important it is to be kind and that’s why she’s gone soft in interviews – which a lot of her competitive contemporaries have accused her of becoming.

Still, the fact remains, you don’t get to be Barbara Walters without side stepping a few land mines and feasting on the flesh of your rivals and I want to know who got eaten and what they tasted like. [source]

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