Friday, May 30, 2008

As part of Marc Jacobs’ campaign that features Posh Spice as his model – a move that makes no cultural sense to me whatsoever (but then beyond the basic, many of Marc Jacobs’ decisions don’t but what do I know) Posh has been dressed up to look like, The Daily Mail in the UK reports, Amy Winehouse but with less success. Fuck the Daily Mail, this is genius work.

The thing is, I doubted Marc Jacobs when I heard he’d signed Posh up to model for him. I mean, I also doubted Marc Jacobs when I met Jason Preston and heard a little about him from people I know who are close to him. Then, after I saw his Interview Magazine images I assumed he was just a genius artist who had a screwed up sense of self esteem who was also going through a mid-life crisis. How right I was.

This is actually how I’ve been dying to see Posh dressed up. It looks like she has no idea what’s going on. I mean, not that that is any different from any other scenario involving Posh but whatever. This time, Posh has been shot as she desperately needs to be shot.

She looks like a doll called “Little Miss Rape My Face and Verbally Assault Me Until I’m Frozen in Terror But Could Still Fake It Through a Prom”

I think this will free her up a bit and she’ll lay off the Trim Spa martinis and go for an inner cleanse and start eating bread. Plus, she’ll stop chewing the insides of her cheeks when the cameras go off. Maybe she’ll read a book, wait. Let’s not go too far. [source]

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