Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Angelina Jolie may be having twins and her twins are going to be so much better than J Lo’s twins because they will be Wonder Twins with powers that don’t even need to be activated, but you know, Im far more fascinated with further proof that Pam Anderson is cool.

Anderson had a yard sale the other day and sold a whole crapload of her stuff, the proceeds of which go entirely to PETA. Now, PETA may the place where aggressive, vocal, extremely externally referenced and emotionally unstable people who experienced bullying at high school go to vent their frustrations and take their anger out on the world but at least she was doing something for charity. And, even though PETA are kind of annoying they did lampoon the Olsen Twins and that can’t be all bad.

So, the great thing about Pam Anderson’s yard sale was that, as reports, items for sale included a new golf cart, several chocolate fondue fountains, a large flat screen TV and her own used lingerie. What a trooper!

Firstly, there’s got to be nothing more astonishing than watching men in the mid thirties who are really emotionally 12 rummaging through the clothes bin in Anderson’s front yard looking for something that’s still warm and then finding it only to pay and then run home salivating over the idea of forcing some hooker to put them on. Or, maybe just running home salivating.

Plus, you know someone is a class act when they have several chocolate fondue fountains in their house. Not just one. Several. Because when you’re riding high on celebrity and residual checks, why not just grab the two or even three. Hell, let the neighbour’s kid play in one.

So, in short, Pam Anderson is still genius even if she is sagging slightly. [source]

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ArchNoble said...

Anyone who chooses to be a spokesmodel for a noxious organization that strains for publicity (at almost any cost) as much as PETA does, should have to come up with something better than a "charity" yard sale. This stunt by Anderson seems as desperate for attention as any of the controversial ads by PETA.

As much as I'd like to believe that Anderson is actually flattered by being able to attract the used underwear crowd, I'm pretty sure most of the stuff for sale is still wrapped up and in boxes ever since she was given all that junk for her wedding(s).