Friday, May 30, 2008

Naomi Campbell may go to jail for 6 months, reports the Sun in the UK. This is because of that outburst a few months ago when she was aboard a British Airways Flight and she became a gorgon.

What’s interesting about Naomi Campbell is that she continues to assault people and then she does these hilarious appearances where she makes fun of the fact that she is uncontrollably violent. It’s always so hilarious because LOOK, she’s making fun of her damned self which points to some level of self awareness and maybe the possibility that she’s not completely freaking insane but then BANG, she does it again.

I like to think that that makes her a sociopath. I do like to think that. I like to think that one of the most famous objects of beauty in the world is actually deranged and incapable of dealing with her rage.

The thing about this, I suspect, is that it actually sort of boosts her worth. She’s clearly a powerful woman when it comes to business but if she’s literally beating the shit out of people then she’s a force to be reckoned with. It makes her visual image carry with it the sexual power of a dominatrix and I have a feeling that rates well with straight men. They will probably argue that she’s a psychopath but then they secretly long to be beaten by her. Straight men are complicated. Naomi Campbell helps us to understand them.

Still, she’s a shrill slab of tuna as far as I am concerned. I watched “Ugly Betty” for the first time the other night and she was on it – making jokes about her violent tendencies. Gosh, it was funny because even though the show is full of actors – she really does get violent and that’s really her playing herself! Oh how clever. There are so many gay shows on TV. I can think of like three right now and I don’t even watch them. Gay men love to forget about how evil Evil Women can be if the women dress properly.

Here’s old Clobbering Campbell on Ugly Betty:


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