Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Barbara Walters did Larry King last night to talk about her new book, "Audition" and she ended up addressing the Star Jones weight loss tissue of lies she and the other women of The View were allegedly forced into sticking to while Star was on the show.

Star Jones has, of course, been releasing statements attacking Barbara Walters since the book press began and with her it’s really just a desperate grasping at anything that will keep her in the public eye as her entire life falls apart. Because public attention is just as good as prozac when you’re a shrink wrapped Star Jones.

Even though I refuse to believe Barbara Walters is any less cunning or self serving than Star Jones when it comes to getting press attention, this whole situation is only ever going to work in Walters’ favour because Starr Jones is a proven liar and a greedy, attention hungry lawyer/pig and Walters has spent her entire career always portrayed herself as a graceful benevolent matronly master of her craft. She has been essentially asexual as well. When celebrities do that kind of thing, where they portray themselves as emphathetic but you still don’t know anything about them, for some reason the public aligns itself with them.

It’s that diva-factor. You know there was a lot of turmoil beneath the surface, there really had to be if Barbara Walters was the first woman journalist but she never lets out any emotional response. Consequently, when it comes to this fight between her and Star Jones, Star Jones will always always lose.

She’s shrill and demanding with a history of lying to the public and she looks desperate. She’s also proven to be unlovable as a human. Yes, proven. How could that win against a woman who has Diva appeal. It’s sort of the same as when David Gest said he was beaten up by Liza Minnelli. Who the hell was on the side of an unlikable freak like Gest next to a trooper like Liza? Same with the situation involving Marilyn Manson and Dita von Teese. I mean, on Perez Hilton cared about Dita von Teese but he relentlessly fauns over von Teese almost entirely because she never speaks and always looks good. That’s all it takes.

Barbara Walters is the all winning Liza Minnelli of this situation. Star Jones is the screeching slab of shrink wrapped tuna who is using this situation to hopefully get a job but with each passing phrase she utters she becomes even less likable. If that’s actually possible. I mean, he name is Star for Christ’s sake. STAR? What the fuck kind of NAME is that? [source]

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