Friday, May 02, 2008

Madonna performed live in New York on Wednesday night as a promo for her new rat shit album, Hard Candy and because you couldn’t BUY tickets people camped out on the (consistently wet) streets of Manhattan in the culturally bleak Hell’s Kitchen for 60 hours waiting to get in.

So, that line of intellectually dull, 20 year old fashion PR assistants on trust funds all done up and ready to go for their patron saint were basically greeted with the performance above after all the effort.

I cannot imagine what it would have been like to have waited in the rain for 60 hours to see Madonna perform only to be presented with the above travesty. Skip to 1:50 to see the magic happen. The curtain gets pulled back...I mean, I would have smacked my face against the concrete for hours.

Mind you, the kind of people who would line up for 60 hours are the kind of people who would forgive Madonna anything. These are your less media savvy Chris Crockers and Chelsea queens who have basically nothing else to live for anyway. Well, besides heavily validating cultural compliance which standing in line for Madonna essentially is. They probably had the wait catered. Good for them.

Oh but I don’t hate them. They can do whatever they want. That’s totally ok. What I do find astonishing is the increasing amount of smoke and mirrors that are involved in Madonna’s career. That coupled with the idea that she’s never really put a foot wrong professionally makes the whole concert idea rather puzzling. Maybe it’s her dementia.

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Faith said...

Waiting on line for 60 hours to hear a song about how much Madge hates to wait? Oh the ridiculous irony.

Was there one line in that song that wasn't a trite over-used catchphrase? Sheesh.