Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sue Simmons, the New York NBC News anchor didn’t realize her mic was on last night and said “What the FUCK are you doing?” to someone and it went to air. She came back and apologized to the viewers.

I just LIVE for things like this. I cannot get ENOUGH of news anchors fucking up. I don’t mean when someone like Bill O’Reilly screams “YOU WANT ANARCHY!” at Geraldo Riviera for two minutes and it SEEMS like a mess. I mean when a stoic news anchor like Simmons, who is poker faced at all times, actually lets slip. It’s a little bit like Joan Crawford, it’s a little bit like Anderson Cooper being caught at the gym showering in underwear…it’s just a glimpse of the humanity behind the insistent wall of professionalism.

Like say, if the Queen was caught shitting in the mouth of one of her corgies or something. Yeah, just like that.

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