Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sharon Stone’s work has been banned in China because Stone said that the recent earthquakes were karma for their bad human rights record.

Wow, there are so many many factors here to think about and really no one gets off scott free. Firstly, Sharon Stone Sharon Stone Sharon Stone. I saw her in Vienna the weekend before last and she addressed the crowd at the opening ceremony of the Life Ball, which also is broadcast live on Austrian TV, by more or less freestyling the entire time. She really did seem like she made up the entire speech. I spoke to Alan Cumming about it and he said that he was talking to her a week before in LA about how he hated the word “faggot” and that’s what she spoke about so he was kind of amazed that she more or less stole his topic and point but he wasn’t angry or bitter about it.

She speaks in this weird way where she acts like you’re hanging on every poetic line she comes up with. For the most part she does pretty well but actually, she slurs a bit and speaks slowly so maybe her dramatic delivery comes from the effects of her medication. Maybe it is slowed down to translate well for TV. Either way, there’s something both genuinely impressive and heavily medicated about her.

I think we’re all fairly comfortable with the reality that it’s entirely inane to say that an earthquake is the result of Karma. Entirely inane.

China, on the other hand, is nearing boiling point with its preparations for the Olympics and they’re official policy on most films is to ban them. The Chinese government is banning films that have ghost themes and horror themes for some reason. As far as an idea goes, it’s a bizarre waste of time but apparently it’s important to them. Consequently, Sharon Stone’s work being banned in China is interesting but really, they were going to ban everything anyway so it’s just a matter of time.

China is ready to explode. Sharon Stone probably already has. Internally. This really just proves it. [source]

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