Monday, May 19, 2008

Joe Piazza of the Daily News reports that Al Reynolds, the former fashion accessory of the recently shrink wrapped and, it seems, perpetually unemployable Star Jones, is shopping around an interview about his marriage to Star Jones and he wants top dollar for it.

It’s not entirely surprising that he is doing that as selling his ass is probably not something he can continue doing forever so he’s going in for the big cash-in now. Although, the interesting thing about it is that he was the one everyone thought was a fraud. She may have been maddeningly fat and then suddenly shrink-wrap thin but her headspace in the marriage was something any fat girl can relate to – he was sexually unthreatening and essentially hot and she was finally able to get that insanely self indulgent wedding she’d always imagined she’d have but then kind of gave up on and then had anyway. So, it was totally validating for her and she was the victim. I mean, she’s an idiot, narcissist but she’s still the victim. At least, in a re-telling that lets her off the hook for having no internal editing facility or responsibility for her own life. Wouldn't an interview with her be better TV? He wasn't even really that important. He was sort of like K-Fed prior to the "unpleasantness" but slightly more lame because he's gay.

Al Reynolds should join forces with Dina Lohan. They could go on TV and co-host a show together where Dina interviews celebs who just sit there while she talks about how their work feels like its just about her in between drinking and smoking and fixing herself more drinks. Al on the other hand is the sparkling prize presenting model. He can then talk about what it’s like to be heterosexual and successful in a segment called ‘Al Reyonds gives you advice”. Ultimately the show would actually be a trainwreck and most people would tune in to see how delusional it got.

In short, Al Reynolds is holding on for dear life and no one will ultimately care for a multitude of reasons. [source]

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