Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here’s Matthew McConaughey appearing in an ad for a Gucci fragrance. Here, he’s doing what he does best: Appearing topless. I don’t just say that because he has a rockin’ bod. It’s actually the main source of his appeal seeing as his acting really isn’t that good. Well, let’s just say that the power of his torso outshines the power of his acting ability. Sadly, though, Matthew has, as the Daily News is reporting, decided to stop appearing topless in the US – although, it’s apparently ok if he does in Asia and Europe. This is apparently a move to “ preserve his dignity” presumably so he can do work that relies a lot more on his actual talent.

It would seem that his decision to remain shirtless in Europe and Asia is probably because Europeans don’t see an intrinsic link between walking around with your shirt off incessantly to muster up publicity and a lack of talent- I guess because they aren’t relentlessly burdened with attention craving whores day in and day out who can’t read but who have massive breasts or a rock hard bubble butt.

McConaughey also probably makes top dollar in Asia as a high class escort so there’s no reason for him to kill that market.

I can’t help equating this with someone like Scarlet Johannsen and Corey Feldman releasing albums. It’s entirely about over stepping the line of ability. Stop trying to do more and keep up what you’ve got going, Matthew. You’re good at walking around on the beach in shorts while pretending the paparazzi aren’t there. Stick with what you know. [source]

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