Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well well well. Look who is crawling back to the bunkers in Kuwait to regain her credibility. Yep, good old Jessica Simpson. And she’s claiming she doesn’t even have her 11,000 dollar a day beauty staff with her.

So far the story has gone back and forth on this. On the one hand, she said yes to the gig probably because she’s got nothing else going on and also because a good public appearance where you’re supporting the troops is often a great image cleanser – especially if you’re the embodiment of failure for a football team you don't even play for. Which she is. On a national scale. She was supposedly sleeping in the bunks and eating the food the soldiers eat.

Then, yesterday she wasn’t and it was all a total scam and she was actually dragging along an entourage and was costing everyone thousands.

Now People Magazine is reporting that she’s back in the trenches and claiming that she didn’t just fly into town, bat an eyelid and then jump on a private jet out of there after throw one of her unpurchased CD singles into the crowd. From the plane. Just the one.

Why is it this difficult to confirm something so enormous? Surely someone would know if Jessica Simpson slept in a canvas bunk or in a 5 star hotel. Can someone just make a call? I would but I’m already too damned tired.

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