Thursday, March 06, 2008

Christian Siriano was, what a surprise, the winner of Season 4 of Project Runway and while that’s really great for him, especially as a 21 year old designer, and I hope he goes on to do great work but something is oddly incongruous about him.

I just find it really strange that a person who is professionally meant to represent the channeling of a really cutting edge, contemporary, edgy aesthetic (as fashion designers are, on the whole, meant to do) can, as far as mannerisms are concerned, be so completely and utterly trapped in the schtick of an insecure, defensive, completely generic and unremarkable club kid circa 2003.
It’s almost as though he inserted the word “fierce” into the lexicon all of a sudden but I seem to remember it coming and going about 3-4 years ago. Plus, and I mean this in an unemotional way, his cockatiel hair seems straight out of 2003 as well.

Is it weird that his designs are apparently amazing and cutting edge and happening (and you know, maybe they are – I just honestly couldn’t possibly judge) and yet he’s behaviourally so derivative? [source]

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