Monday, March 10, 2008

Courtney Love went to the LAPD on the weekend to make a report that she is the victim of massive identity fraud and that there are 188 credit cards currently being used by other people in her name.

TMZ is taking the popular route of arguing, via unnamed sources, that she’s unstable and possibly bipolar all of a sudden. Gee, lucky Britney Spears dragged an at least vaguely examined understanding of the word bipolar into the public sphere so now we can all use it again and again…

TMZ goes on to state the Love’s “latest blogs which are impossible to decipher.”

Actually, if you read Courtney Love’s blogs, they aren’t ever THAT incoherent. She clearly can’t type and she also can’t spell sometimes but neither can most people. Most people, and I say from the perspective of a writer who writes all day and notices these things, cannot actually string a sentence together properly. That goes double for people who are musicians or artists.
Here’s her actual blog post for today:

As for being taken SERIOUSLY,l i personally have NOTHING to do with it, NUMBERS do not lie, i simply turned in the printouts i got from my child's, my own and my deceased husbands social security numbers and Ficos.

call me names all day ,but its the NUMBERS ,not my persona.

If i get "Lifelock" i will post this information for your bemusement, no actually i wont, cos why should i cater to your fantasies, You cant accept numbers? Then i guess your really a lonely sad animalistic hungry motherfucker who cannot manifest any of your own desires.

God people are batshit. And im not the one who is.and i hear now i am "Bi Polar" uhhhh...thats more nuts than I will ever be.I may be Eccentric, i certainly speak my mind and am slow to put out a record i need to mean the world to ME, and im sur ei am quite Nuerotic but "Bi Polar" .Thats just slander.I shoot straight from the hip and spellcheck has NOTHING to do with REALITYgotta go its fucking late and we wrote yet another magical song tonight.

nam myoho renge kyo and may all impediments create JOY in you.

It’s sort of fragmented but if you read it out loud you can make out her voice saying it and she sounds coherent. I just actually have this feeling that she’s not as nuts as she has been portrayed. She benefits from the attention she gets from being thought of as nuts so she runs with it. Drugs also screw her brain around and everything but ultimately, she’s not as zany as people say. Plus, insecure LA types throw around the word “crazy” like it’s a tray of hors doeurves. Maybe Courtney Love is actually a Christ figure and we’re all too scared to hear what she’s saying. Yeah, that’s a good angle to take. I’m sticking with that. Courtney Love is the Christ, Jessica Simpson, as we’ve discussed, is the pending anti-Christ. Done. [source]

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