Monday, March 31, 2008

After rumours about how former nSync member J C Chasez was apparently dating Gossip Girl’s Chase Crawford were swimming about the internet last week, Chasez has specifically stated that he’s not into Crawford in one of those entrapment videos TMZ produces.

The trouble with J C Chasez is that he’s now eternally trapped between a rock and a hard place regarding coming out of the closet. When I was in Vienna last year he was in our group and it was pretty clear to me that he was with this tall Spanish guy who kept insisting that no one photograph them.

When Lance Bass came out it basically invigorated his career and gave him something to do. He had a public breakup, wrote a book, got a whole heap of press, did a stint on Broadway, got on the list for every gay event ever thrown. Sure beat the hell out of not going into space for 5 years.

But now, seeing as Lance Bass has already come out its like J C Chasez can’t or he’ll look like the copy cat or something. It just won’t have the same impact.

What strikes me as odd is that he would deny hooking up with someone who is actually happening though. Chase Crawford is painfully cute and he’s got an actual career. It’s unclear to me what being in the closet is protecting for J C Chasez. I mean, what has he done in the past 4 years besides avoid coming out?

Quick, Don’t let anyone know you’re gay! Gotta hold onto that massed public indifference you’ve worked so apathetically to maintain. [source]

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