Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dina Lohan’s reality show about how she’s trying to get her younger daughter famous premieres this summer. We’re talking about Alli "I crave fame"Lohan here, not Lindsay. After all that horror with Lindsay Lohan and the astonishing role her enabling wannabe famous mother played in her psychic destruction – where it became plainly and mind numbingly obvious that Dina Lohan is the contemporary Mama Rose and is also a narcissistic demon (well, I guess they were the same thing...)– she wants to go round two with her other nice little earner. And she wants to do it on TV.

Why is it that no one has slapped the whore down and forced her to move towards he natural calling: trucker and diner waitress in the southwest. She has white trash mouth that cuts through any designer frock.

I always suspected that reality shows were based on just getting the most horrifying combinations of cultural stimulus and making a train wreck occur so people could gawk and feel better about themselves while escaping the mundanity of their every day lives.

I mean, when I watched the first episode of Big Brother in Australia they all seemed to be such astonishingly crap people that I was convinced the producers had some kind of window into my soul and were able to manifest this level of awestruck horror in me with such precision that nothing else besides that awestruck horror could be the point of the show. I mean, it just seemed like the show was made to annoy me. Of course, I watched anyway but that’s because I was doing a radio series on it so I kind of had to. That’s the story I’m sticking with anyway.

This reality show with Dina Lohan takes the cake. It’s actually the closest thing that Western culture has come to just getting a kid, making it stand in front of a camera and having an adult blow its brains out. I’m absolutely, without a doubt going to watch this show but I’m going to have a hard time with it. Emotionally. [source]

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